We accept minimum order of RM25.00 and above only. Self pick up is also available at at Damai Craftworld & Event Center (also known as Damai Central) Delivery charges from RM8.00 as depend on you area.

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Lauk Pengilan 7 Putri
Lauk Pengilan 7 PutriRM45.00Quick View
Set Combo Kejora
Set Combo KejoraRM18.00Quick View
Set Combo Baiduri
Set Combo BaiduriRM18.00Quick View
Set Combo Delima
Set Combo DelimaRM18.00Quick View
Nasi Bebek Putri Santubong
Nasi Bebek Putri SantubongRM16.00Quick View
Set Combo Santubong A
Set Combo Santubong ARM16.00Quick View
Set Combo Santubong B
Set Combo Santubong BRM16.00Quick View
Set Combo Sejinjang A
Set Combo Sejinjang ARM16.00Quick View
Set Combo Sejinjang B
Set Combo Sejinjang BRM16.00Quick View
Nasi Briyani Masala
Nasi Briyani MasalaRM15.00Quick View
Set Combo Kecubung
Set Combo KecubungRM15.00Quick View
Set Combo Pengilan Nakhoda
Set Combo Pengilan NakhodaRM15.00Quick View
Nasi Penyet
Nasi PenyetRM15.00Quick View
Nasi Aruk Dabai
Nasi Aruk DabaiRM12.00Quick View
Nasi Pak Nek
Nasi Pak NekRM12.00Quick View
Nasi Aruk Daun Ubi
Nasi Aruk Daun UbiRM12.00Quick View
Sunset Char Kuey Teow
Sunset Char Kuey TeowRM12.00Quick View
Nasi Aruk Sambal Pedas
Nasi Aruk Sambal PedasRM10.00Quick View
Mee Goreng Budaya
Mee Goreng BudayaRM10.00Quick View
Laksa Sarawak
Laksa SarawakRM10.00Quick View
Mee Kolo Santubong
Mee Kolo SantubongRM8.00Quick View
Cucumber Juice
Cucumber JuiceRM8.00Quick View
Calamansi Juice
Calamansi JuiceRM8.00Quick View